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As grassroots football coaches look forward to updating their knowledge of grassroots coaching in line with modern day techniques, the Ogun State Football Association has partnered with JC International Coaches Academy to train and retrain coaches for the benefit of the grassroots football.

The state football body looked forward to begin the exercise in Ogun after the body signed a memorandum of understanding and sealed partnership in the FA secretariat, inside the MKO Abiola International Stadium, Abeokuta, Ogun State.

The partnership between the Ogun State Football Association and JC International Coaches Academy is expected to last for a very long time as coaches in Nigeria will be trained and certified by the international body.

Speaking to press men during the program, Joseph Ogunsonya, Chief Executive Officer, JC International Coaches Academy has raised concern on the need to train coaches in both Lagos and Ogun State as there are a lot of untrained coaches out there.

“Based on research of, FIFA, USSF, NCA and so on, the need is there. We have coach in Ogun State and Lagos State that are not trained, that need help in developing their craft, that’s where JC International Coaches Academy comes in”.

Vice Chairman, Ogun State Coaches Association, Victor Agbago added his voice in emphasizing the importance of the exercise to youth coaches in Nigeria. “What JCI is bringing is going to help all our coaches especially at the grassroots. We call them grassroots while in developed countries, they call them youth coaches because that is the foundation on which all football clubs are built. It’s going to help us and as well assist us in the state.”

JC International coaches Academy has pledged to further enhance and Improve on the collaboration it has successfully built with the Ogun State Football Association in the nearest future.

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