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Who Will Carry Me?
Composed by Trevor Nicholas
Featuring Trey McLaughlin
Arranged by Senn Arts Students and Staff
Spanish Lyrics by Melanie (Senn Arts Junior)

Directed and Produced By Trevor Nicholas and Colin Cosgrove
Choreography by Amy Jesionowski
Video Designed and Edited by Trevor Nicholas
Audio Engineering and Mixing by Colin Cosgrove
Audio Mastered by Brian Schwab

Who will carry me
While I am alone
Who will hold me close and keep me bright

I will carry you
When you are alone
I will hold you close and help you fight

*Luchamos todos
Para no sufrir
Mantengamos todo en unidad

*Translation of Spanish verse:
We all fight
Not to suffer
Let’s keep everything together

Senn Arts Student Artists

Alexis Vocals
Alondra Dance
Ameera Vocals
Anasofia Dance
Anaya Dance
Antoaneda Dance
Ashton Dance
Chayse Vocals
Emily Dance
Felice Vocals
Grace Vocals
Hannah Dance
Ian Dance
Kayla Dance
Katherine Dance
Liam Piano
Lianna Dance
Lilly Vocals
Litzy Vocals
Liza Dance
Max Trombone
Mia Vocals
Miracle Vocals
Mirelis Vocals
Nicole Violin
Olivia Dance
Oyinda Vocals
Sydney Vocals
Tania Dance
Wil Electric Piano
Yesenia Vocals

Senn Arts Alumni

Meralis Alvarez Vocals
Ronaldo Mota Vocals

Arts Partners

Aidan Spencer Vocals
Grace Jeong Vocals
Heather Aranyi Vocals
James Iska Photography
Jordan Villas Ukulele/Vocals
Julia Davids Vocals
Kaci Campbell Vocals
Karen Howard Vocals
Liana German Vocals
Matthew Brennan Vocals
Natalie Sherer Piano
Pinkzebra Synthesizer
Sean Stanton Vocals
Trey McLaughlin Vocals

Senn Arts Staff

Amy Jesionowski Dance
Colin Cosgrove Bass/Vocals
Krista Wortendyke Photography
Markeise Russell Saxophone
Michael Puckett Trombone
Trevor Nicholas Piano

Special Thanks

Chuck and Shirley Nicholas
Heather Aranyi
Ingenuity Inc.
Joshua Bauder
Lyric Opera of Chicago
Mary Beck (Principal)
Mickey Francis
Music of the Baroque
Myron and Catherine Lick
North Park University
Renee Nicholas
Trey McLaughlin
Yo-Yo Ma
CHICAGO, IL – Today the Nicholas Senn Arts High School community released an original visual art project featuring more than 30 Senn Arts students singing, dancing, and playing instruments from their homes, demonstrating their creative talent and determination to thrive in the midst of some of the toughest times the country has seen.

The project, titled “Who Will Carry Me?,” features original music and choreography from Senn Arts students, staff and alumni, who join together in the video, united through the arts, despite physical distance.

“In the process of creating the ‘Who Will Carry Me?’ project, it was during the time where a lot of us didn’t know how to cope with being in quarantine,” said Senn Arts student Mia Mendoza. “Being alone all the time and stuck with your own thoughts is not something that’s easy to do. But for me personally, I felt that doing this project collectively truly portrayed the message of the piece that even then, and now, we aren’t alone.”

The song is a creative response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the trauma of experiencing and watching anti-Black violence repeatedly displayed on the news while in isolation. The song is also a call to action: As school districts across the country are cutting arts budgets to address the financial impact of Covid-19, the 4-minute video reaffirms the arts’ ability to connect, heal and strengthen communities.

“Times like what we’re currently living through underscore the acute need for programs like ours to be supported in every neighborhood across our country,” said Senn Arts Vocal Music Director, Trevor Nicholas. “The very nature of our programs foster safe spaces and places for fulfilling, restorative and creative expression that, in turn, heal those outside our walls.”

Nicholas, who composed the song, worked alongside Senn Arts Music Teacher Colin Cosgrove, Dance Instructor Amy Jesionowski, and Senn Arts Coordinator Krista Wortendyke to create a completely original piece showcasing the creativity of Senn Arts students and staff. Nationally-renowned musicians, including vocalist Trey McLaughlin and composer Pinkzebra, and arts partners from across the city, such as Heather Aranyi from the Lyric Opera, collaborated with students, adding unique improvisations to the piece.

“I believe I speak for everyone that participated in this project when I say that our hopes are to send some form of peace, positivity, and strength in a time where we suffer from two pandemics at a time: racial injustice and Covid-19,” said Mendoza. “Whenever someone needs to be carried, this piece is here for them.”

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