Damilola recounts how he adopted chapter 1 of “full African parents’ discipline style” on his daughter who refused to stop writing figure ‘2’ looking like Tilapia Fish

Gospel filmmaker, Damilola MIke-Bamiloye has shared one of his fatherhood experiences via his twitter page yesterday and relating it to how God wants Christians to learn how to trust and obey Him.

According to the father of two, one of his daughter who has a peculiar way of writing figure ‘2’ was persuaded by him on how well to write it but she insisted on doing it in her own ways.

Despite much coaxing and wheedling, she insisted she was not going to change, her father who had ran out of patience decided to go the African way on her by picking a small stick to scare her into cooperating with his instruction, by trusting him just as God demands from Christians.

In his words; I was teaching my daughter how to write the number 2, she took d pencil from me and said “No daddy that is not how to write 2”. She wrote her version of “2” . I couldn’t even explain what my eyes was seeing. It kinda looked like tilapia fish.

I tried to correct her, she argued with me, defending her tilapia fish. I lost my patience and went to get a small stick. I mean I don’t have time for debate, I have been writing “2” before you were born. She saw the cane and behaved her self

Sometimes we argue with God when he gives us instructions. We stand our ground when he tells us to do certain things that are beyond our comprehension. He is the all knowing God. His foolishness is wiser than your wisdom. Don’t argue with him. Just trust and obey.


Published By: Ifeoluwa ORISAKAHUNSI
Founder, gospelfilmsng

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